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Chiro, Osteo & Physio

Osteopath - Alexandra Freeman

Services Offered Alexandra offers Paediatric Home visits for Newborns and SW11 (Clapham) and SW18 (Wandsworth) clinic locations for other appointments. ​​​

  • Paediatric Osteopathy:
For children of all ages. Treating diverse conditions and help with symptoms from: trauma associated with delivery (forceps and ventouse), flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly), digestive disorders, constipation, behavioural issues, (ADHD, ADD, ASD, scoliosis and sports injuries.
  • Pre and Post Partum Osteopathy
For optimum comfort during pregnancy and postnatal check ups.
  • Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy
For musculoskeletal complaints Contact Alexandra Alexandra is an experienced Osteopath who uses structural, cranial and other osteopathy techniques to treat her patients. Alexandra has a special interest in pre and post-partum mothers and paediatrics. This spans from newborns to teenagers. Alexandra has completed a 2 year post graduate Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO) from the Osteopathic Centre of Children in London – one of the leading providers of paediatric osteopathic education in the world. This diploma is the most detailed, longest and well respected paediatric diploma available for osteopaths in the treatment of children and babies. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • Master in Osteopathy (M Ost)
  • Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO)
  • MA (Hons)
Testimonials Alexandra's testimonials will be posted shortly.

Chiropractor - Dr Ami-Bree Said

Services Offered Ami-Bree works from the Putney Chiropractic Centre, SW15 1DH

  • Initial consultation - £125
History and neurological examination, assess developmental milestones, head shape etc
  • Regular adjustments - £45
Gentle and specific care, tailored to the individual child, including cranial work. Contact Ami-Bree I completed my chiropractic studies in Australia and have been serving the SW London community for the past 5 years. I am passionate about ensuring that children have the best start to life. During the birthing process, many forces may be exerted onto your baby, regardless of mode of delivery. As a chiropractor, I am trained to evaluate subtle shifts in spinal and cranial alignment, and can remove tension to the misaligned area with no more pressure than one would use to determine the ripeness of a tomato. Generally, I suggest a visit within the first 2-3 weeks of age. Things to look out for that may indicate neuro-biomechanical strain: - your child tilts their head to one side - your child has a preference looking/feeding to one side - your child has a flattened or misshapen head - your child isn’t meeting their milestones (for example, wants to go straight from sitting to walking, bum shuffles, etc.) Qualifications & Accreditations
  • M.Chiro,
  • B.Chiro.Sc
  • GCC registered (General Chiropractic Council)
  • ICPA and UCA member (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association & United Chiropractic Association)
  • Webster Certified
Testimonials "We love Dr Ami!! When my little girl was born with hip dysplasia and had to be in a pavlik harness for 6-8 weeks, I knew I needed her to see Dr. Ami. Colic was a real issue as C didn't have the ability to move her legs to get rid of the gas. Ami's adjustments are always gentle and focussed, she's a natural with kiddos! But I also benefited from the visits - with brilliant advise for a first-time mum feeling insecure at times. And also being seen and heard as my own person...not just mama or the next client/patient to be seen but I felt like my recovery was also important." LM, mum of one. "Love Dr Ami! My son could not sit at all, and after a couple of adjustments he began to sit perfectly! Thank you for helping him to reach his milestones!" BJ, mum of one. "If only I had discovered Putney Chiropractic sooner! I see Dr Ami for myself and my baby daughter; I saw her all through my pregnancy and she has been amazing." AA, mum of one.

Chiropractor - Northcote Chiropractic Clinic

Services Offered Northcote Chiropractic Centre is clinic based at 59 Webbs Road, SW11 6RX

  • Newborn, infant and child consultation - £60
  • Follow-up adjustments - £36
Northcote Chiropractic Clinic also offer family and bulk-purchase dicounts. Please contact them for further details. Contact Northcote Chriopractic Clinic At Northcote Chiropractic Clinic we are passionate about you and your family’s health! Our aim is to ensure that every person who walks through our door benefits from a healthy lifestyle. Our clinic is extremely child-friendly and welcoming to ‘little ones’. Our family room has a special elephant bed with the kids adore and there is plenty to keep them entertained while mum and dad are getting adjusted. The clinic has changing facilities for your use too. All our Chiropractors have completed extra training in paediatric care, and are very experienced in treating children of all ages. The techniques used for children include cranial and extremely gentle adjustments, we find that most children love to be adjusted. For baby's, birth can be a very challenging experience on a baby’s skull (cranium) and spine, which can result in spinal misalignment and high cranial tension. Chiropractic care aims to restore balance and ‘unwind’ tension to improve spinal and cranial function and remove interference to the nervous system (the main control system of the body). It is important to check a babies spine to optimise nervous system development in reaching important development milestones. If your child is bum-shuffling or not crawling, it may be due to a reduced movement which can be helped by chiropractic. It is important that children are checked at each milestone or after any significant fall or bumps as this is what can cause imbalances within their little nervous system and bodies. It is important that the Doctors of Chiropractic at Northcote Chiropractic Clinic complete a thorough consultation and examination to find the cause of your symptoms, as our aim is to fix the cause not just the symptom. The spine and nervous system are delicate systems and as everyone is built and lives differently, it is important to consider all factors of your health. Qualifications & Accreditations All the chiropractors at the clinic are fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council and hold a minimum qualficiation of:
  • BSc (Chiro)
  • M.Chiro.
Testimonials "This practice has highly knowledgeable, attentive, and pleasant professionals. I have more than 20 years of experience with chiropractors and I am very happy with Dr Emma and the rest of the team. Now both my 4 year old son and I are under their care and we have been noticing the difference. Even the massage therapists there are great." A - Mum of 1 "Couldn't recommend highly enough - in just 6 months I have gone from crippling back pain and being unable to sleep at night to pain free and with a wider range of mobility than I've ever had. The team are friendly, professional and very flexible with their advice and support, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic." "This is a great clinic. I’ve been coming for a couple of months now and the staff are always friendly. I initially came because I was suffering from neck pain and Delphine has been great at both explaining the programme and the adjustments I should be making in my everyday life also. I’ve also noticed other benefits too like I am sleeping better! Can’t recommend it highly enough - just wish I knew about the clinic before."

Breastfeeding & Tongue-tie Support

Sharon George

Services Offered Sharon works across London for home and hospital consults. Phone and videocall consults also readily available.

  • Telephone and videocall consults - £40 for up to 30 minutes; £20 per additional 15 minutes
  • Private consults - antenatal - £150 for up to 90 minutes
  • Private hospital or home consults - postnatal - £150 for up to 90 minutes, £35 per additional 30 minutes
    • £120 for follow-up visits up to 60 minute
See below for additional details on these services Contact Sharon Sharon has been supporting families in her local area of Balham, Clapham and Battersea since 2009. Over that time she has helped hundreds of parents with a range of breastfeeding challenges, including issues such as positioning, tongue-tie or low milk supply. Sharon's training and experience covers all aspects of baby feeding so she can support you with bottle feeding, formula and introducing solids too. She qualified as a Lactation Consultant in 2011 (IBCLC), and has a Diploma of Higher Education in breastfeeding counselling from the University of Bedfordshire (2009). Sharon offers consultations during weekdays and weekends to visit mothers across London as well as offering telephone and videocall consultations. Sharon has 3 children of her own, who have helped teach her that every child is different and that each mother-and-baby pair is unique. Services - Additonal Details
  • Telephone and videocall consults - £40 for up to 30 minutes; £20 per additional 15 minutes:
    • I am highly experienced and trained in remote consultations. For some situations 30 minutes is enough time but for more complex situations – particularly where I need to see your baby feeding – more time may be appropriate. I will check with you at 25 minutes if you wish to continue and we can either summarise at that point or agree more time. Facetime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype – I can usually use whatever works best for you.
  • Private consults - antenatal - £150 for up to 90 minutes:
    • I offer private breastfeeding information sessions, prior to the birth of your baby, at a location of your choice. The information can be completely tailored to suit your circumstances. So, whether you’re a first time mother, expecting twins, have older children to cope with or need an opportunity to work through a previous experience, then such a session may be helpful. It also means that we can get to know each other and you can feel confident calling for support after your baby arrives.
  • Private hospital or home consults - postnatal - £150 for up to 90 minutes, £35 per additional 30 minutes; £120 for follow-up visits up to 60 minutes:
    • My aim during a visit is to give you the opportunity to explore and discuss what’s been happening for you and your baby. We can then work together to address practical issues and help you to set realistic expectations of your baby and yourself. My goal is to leave you feeling more confident and better able to navigate your way through the jungle of conflicting information, which so many new parents find themselves lost in. I will leave you with a plan and strategies for a way forward, so that you can better achieve your feeding and mothering goals.
Qualifications & Accreditations
  • Dip HE Breastfeeding Counselling
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • BA (Hons) & ACA
Testimonials "Sharon was fantastic and provided invaluable advice regarding breastfeeding our newborn twins. She was incredibly calm and made me feel much more confident. Three months later I’m still exclusively breastfeeding our twins, so we’re very grateful!" LW, mother to 3 month twins. "I saw Sharon on day six after giving birth. Sharon was an excellent support identifying my daughter's tongue tie at an early stage. Feeding was incredibly painful...4 months in and I am really glad I saw Sharon without any delay. I am sure that Sharon's guidance made all the difference and enabled me to continue breastfeeding - without it (and the solutions she helped me find) I do not think it would have been possible to carry on. Tongue tie issues aside, the feeding techniques Sharon showed me have made feeding much easier and more enjoyable!" GD, mother to 4 month old "Sharon has been a godsend for us. We've spoken to Sharon a number of times now via videocall and it's been like having her in the room helping us. Sharon's evidence-based advice has saved us from well meaning but inaccurate advice from elsewhere and helped deal with the challenge of having a young son with a dairy allergy." SB, father 3 month old

Siobhan Pearce

Services Offered Siobhan works across South West London and North Surrey.

  • At home or hospital visit
Initial consultation from £140* (c.1.5-2hrs) Follow up visit - from £100* (c.1hr) Follow-up phone calls are taken at no additional charge * Saturday visits/bank holidays - £150.00 * Sunday visits - £165.00–£175.00 * Late evening (after 7.00 pm) visits - £165.00–£175.00
  • Ante & Postnatal Package - £320
Antenatal visit during pregnancy (c.1.5hrs)Two follow-up postnatal visits (c.1.5hrs each)
  • Postnatal Package - £320
Three postnatal visits (c.1.5hrs each)
  • Group Support (e.g. among friends or antenatal class) - £POA
See below for additional details on these services Contact Siobhan I originally trained to be a birth and postnatal doula in 2008. During my work as a doula, I realised that there was an enormous need for breastfeeding support for all the new mums and families out there and I couldn't believe how much conflicting advice and information these new mums were being given and how confusing it all was. I then decided to pursue my training and knowledge on breastfeeding and trained with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and La Leche League as a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter. I had the added benefit of working under a few very knowledgeable Lactation Consultants and one very special lady, Mary Griffiths, encouraged me to sit the IBCLC exam in 2011, which I passed and I am now very proud to call myself an "International Board Certified Lactation Consultant". I am passionate about breastfeeding, but more importantly I am passionate about mother’s choice and having a happy family, so if you want to breastfeed and welcome me into your home, I will be guided by you and do whatever I can to make your breastfeeding experience a positive one! Services - Additional Details A postnatal consultation will include taking a full history and a thorough observation and assessment of your breastfeeding technique, followed by an explanation of the probable reasons for the difficulties. I will carry out a maternal breast assessment, infant oral anatomy and sucking assessment. I will support you with latching and positioning help, tips and information for practical management of breastfeeding and a treatment plan tailored to your needs to help you reach your breastfeeding goals, taking into consideration your lifestyle, circumstances and preferences. I will help with answers to any breastfeeding questions you may have, using handouts / emails relevant to your situation (if required) and contact information for resources in your area. If you need it I will provide a comprehensive report for your GP, HV, MW’s records. Above all, I will provide kind, gentle, and compassionate care. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Recognised since 2011.
  • Member of Doula UK - recognised since 2009
  • Breastfeeding Peer supporter - Association of Breastfeeding Mothers & La Leche League
  • Full Insurance
  • CRB Checked
Testimonials “Siobhan gave my partner and I invaluable support in the early days. We had no idea our daughter had a tongue-tie - the hospital had missed it completely; but within 48 hours of Siobhan’s first visit, it had been removed. I have loved breastfeeding ever since and am still going strong six months later. Siobhan also provided fantastic postnatal doula support and advice to me.” A.A. - mum of 6 month old “Siobhan was like an angel walking into our lives. My husband and I were at our wits end after our 4 week old was losing weight, continuously crying, not sleeping and constantly trying to feed. My boobs were so painful, cracked and I dreaded every feed and was about to give up breastfeeding entirely. Although our health visitor and midwives had been lovely, they simply hadn’t had much time with us. Within 10 minutes of being in our house I was in floods of tears with relief that someone was listening to me and really properly examining our son. Siobhan highlighted the tongue-tie, recommended an amazing practitioner who was able to cut it and my son immediately latched better and I heard proper swallows. It was amazing. Siobhan worked with me to help boost my milk-supply and I was so pleased to be able to really enjoy the act of breastfeeding my now very happy and ‘milk-drunk’ baby. I wish I had known about Siobhan from the beginning as it would have saved us so much heart-ache. I now recommend her to every new parent I know!” L.J. Mum of 3 month old “I can honestly say that Siobhan’s help and support changed everything for me and enabled me to approach motherhood in the way I wanted after quite a difficult experience with my baby’s birth and first hours. I do not know what we would have done without her. Not only did she equip us with physical skills and invaluable practical advice, her emotional support and attitude made everything “OK” again. I hadn’t bargained on having any difficulties with breastfeeding but found myself in a situation where the hospital and midwives just weren’t helpful and suggested that my baby may not breastfeed. Siobhan came to the rescue – quite literally and after speaking on the phone – she had not even been my doula but her number had been left as an emergency when my own doula went away. She came to my house and spent a Sunday afternoon being with us, calming us, advising us and making all of us feel safe and able to cope. From then on, she stayed in constant touch, quite of her own accord, helped us through the decision to have a tongue tie cut and thanks to her, our baby breastfed beautifully within a few weeks. Siobhan’s ability to care is indeed very special and I feel totally blessed to have had her help and support and very privileged to know her.” C.H. Mum of 1

Baby Massage

Geraldine Quain

Services Offered Geraldine offers virtual, in-home, or location based sessions at St.James Centre, Balham SW128EW & Kalos Centre Balham SW128JL. During this present time, all classes are online only from £48.

  • 1:1 Private Baby Massage Courses - £60
We offer private baby massage sessions tailored to your needs. We will work with you to determine the right number of sessions for you and your baby to ensure you learn the full massage routine and are confident with the massage.
  • 5 week group/private group baby massage courses - £70 (trial class £15)
Come to a group where you and other new parents will learn the baby massage routine. Alternatively you and a group of your NCT parents can book a group baby massage course in the comfort of one of your own homes.
  • Dads Saturday workshop - £20
We offer a monthly Dads workshop tailored to new Dads who want to learn how to massage their babies. The workshop lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and is perfect for Dads who may not be able to attend classes during the week. Whichever you choose you will learn a full body massage routine for your baby. Each week we focus on a different area of the body as well as repeating the strokes and techniques from previous weeks to build your confidence at massaging your baby. You will be learning a combination of Indian massage, Swedish massage, yoga and reflexology techniques. These will provide you with the practical skills to help relieve trapped wind, blocked sinuses and teething pain and can improve your babies sleep and digestion. You also enjoy some protected time for bonding and communicating with your baby through nurturing touch. Contact Geraldine I have enjoyed over 15 years in the field of physiotherapy and have been teaching baby massage since I qualified as an IAIM instructor in 2015. I was inspired to become an instructor when my sister Aisling told me how much she loved baby massage and how both she and her daughter benefited from attending a baby massage course. As a physiotherapist I am very aware of the benefits of massage, and I love my role teaching new parents how to massage and bond with their babies. It is wonderful to see the happiness on a parents faces when their baby responds to them during group or individual sessions. I love my dual role as I often discuss posture, breathing, deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles during the course so parents can think of themselves as well as their babies during the sessions. I myself signed up to a baby massage course in 2017 with my then newborn daughter. She and her toddler best friend ‘met’ at these classes when they were both just over 6 weeks old. The classes facilitated a lasting friendship between his mum and myself and this was every bit as valuable to me as a new mum. I love when I bump into parents from courses who are still catching up with each other long after the course has finished. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • International Association of Infant Massage Intructor (IAIM)
  • BSc Physiotherapy- MCSP, HCPC registered
  • Leaders Plus Alumni
Testimonials "The online baby massage class has been wonderful. Our 9 month old baby’s sleeping pattern and digestive functioning has improved drastically since we started, and he seems to be generally more content. Undoubtedly the massages contribute to the strengthening of our bond and is now an unmissable part of our little daily structure. Geraldine is not only knowledgeable and professional but also very welcoming and warm. Highly recommended!" DC, mum of 9 month old "I loved Geraldine's class. We ended up doing an online class and it was great! Super practical and fun! great way to spend more time with my baby" C.B. Dad of 1 "Geraldine’s baby massage class has been such a lovely experience! My baby and I have really enjoyed it. Such a lovely calm presence with lots of expert knowledge." C.W. mum of 1

Sophie White

Services Offered Sophie offers at-home baby massage workshops for individuals or small groups

  • 5 Week Group Course - £65 per family
Hosted in one of the participants home
Each session lasts 1 hour
Minimum 4 babies, max 8 babies (social distancing of 2 meters currently needs to be met)
  • One to One At Home Course - £50 per hour
Contact Sophie As a Norland Nanny and maternity nurse, Sophie first heard of baby massage over a decade ago whilst she was training and since then has worked with many families who have attended baby massage classes, seeing first hand the many benefits both the babies and parents receive from the massage.
At the beginning of your course you will receive a small bottle of massage oil, which will enable you to practice the strokes you have learnt in class at home and after each class you will receive print outs that cover the stokes you have learnt that week. Sophie’s baby massage classes are completely baby-led, supportive, relaxing and friendly. The benefits of baby massage are significant for both baby and parent. Supporting bonding, the parent- baby relationship, non-verbal communication and the release of oxytocin. Baby massage also stimulates your baby’s co-ordination, respiration, digestion and language development. Sophie includes in her teaching specific sequences to help with teething, wind and colic. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • Norland Nanny Ba Honours in Early childhood studies Level 4 Maternity Nurse Level 4 sleep consultant OfQual Level 3 First Aid Instructor OfQual Level 2 Baby Massage Instructor (currently UK's highest-level recognised course)
Testimonials Testimonials to follow. Please refer to Sophie's wider testimonials in the 'Parent Workshops' section.

Sleep Consultant

Tamsyn O'Brien

Services Offered I offer a range of services from one-off support phone calls to answer any questions and chat through your little ones sleep, to fully comprehensive sleep plans with daily support as well as overnight stays to physically help implement a sleep plan.

  • Sleep support call - £55
  • Consultation package - £120
  • Sibling package - £320
  • Bespoke support package - £595
Contact Tamsyn As a mum myself, I know how hard those sleepless nights are. My son didn't sleep for the first 8 months, sometimes I was up with him every 45 minutes throughout the night, that was one of the toughest times of my life and I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. With my son being such a bad sleeper I researched infant sleep constantly and was determined to figure out what I could do to help him have that good restorative sleep that I knew him and I both needed so badly. I studied at The Sleep Nanny Academy - Run by Lucy Shrimpton who is the author of "The Sleep Nanny System". Becoming a sleep consultant and being able to share my knowledge with other sleep-deprived families has been such a rewarding experience. I am an extremely compassionate person and will be with you to support you and your family through this process. I will work with you to tailor-make a sleep plan that is gentle on your child as well as being a plan that you feel confident in implementing. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • Sleep Nanny Academy - certified consultant
Testimonials "Our son had gone through a really tough, and long, regression at four months and we just couldn’t recover it. We had totally lost our way in terms of knowing what to do for the best and when. Tamsyn very calmly listened and supported us with a plan of action that felt manageable. We got results almost immediately, and a definite game-changing shift after two weeks of implementing her suggestions. We felt empowered to put into effect the new routine because she was there as support in the background and when we had questions she responded swiftly and kindly, even the ridiculous questions! We have gone from a baby who could only settle and sleep in motion for a max of 45 minutes to one who self-soothes in his own crib for all naps and bed time and sleeps through the night and does good solid napping. Thank you so much Tamsyn, we would recommend your services to all our friends." MK, mum to 7 month old. "A big thank you to Tamsyn who helped us reach the ultimate goal of a good night sleep! When I contacted her for help my daughter wasn’t sleeping through the night at all, she wanted to be on the boob constantly and would stay awake for hours in a row... but thanks to Tamsyn's sleep plan and advice we managed to turn things around. In just a few days Billie slept from 7pm until 6am without waking up and it’s still the case 2months later. Naps took a bit longer but we got there at the end and now putting her to bed is not stressful anymore... thank you". C, mum to 10 month old.
"We were at our wits end with our little boy not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time and sometimes waking every hour for 5 months. I had not done sleep training with my older son and had my reservations but we were desperate. Tamsyn listened to my concerns and created a program that had a very gentle approach but also made it possible to do whilst looking after a toddler. From the first night we saw a marked improvement with little distress to my son (or me). It also helped my son go from 20 minute catnaps to doing 1h 30 day time sleeps which has allowed me to manage having two children so much better. Thank-you for your gentle, loving approach and reassurance to give us the support needed to go on this journey. I would highly recommend this to any parent struggling with sleep issues with their little one." C, mum of two.

Claire Ball

Services Offered I currently live in West London and consult families all over London and surrounding areas, or globally online or by phone. I offer a variety of services, basic packages listed below. Please contact me for more details. Online Consultation, personalised plan with either two or four weeks support • Sleep Issues
• Behavioural issues, fussy eating and problem solving
• Via Facetime, Zoom or Skype
• Detailed personalised plan and four or two weeks unlimited support, via phone calls, emails, WhatsApp or text messages. Pricing:

  • Four weeks support £300
  • Two weeks support £200
Contact Claire I genuinely love being around babies and children. I’m proactive, have a realistic approach to family life and understand the importance of a suitably structured routine to establish good sleeping patterns. All of which are essential for your baby’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. My approach specialises in guidance through key elements that enable healthy babies, toddlers and children to sleep through the night. I firmly believe that teaching your child to learn the skill of falling asleep, and the ability to resettle is vital for the whole family’s wellbeing. With over 20 years experience, my knowledge and expertise include working with premature babies, newborns, multiple births, toddlers and children up to 8 years of age. I have successfully helped hundreds of families both in the UK and all over the world regain their nights. My advice and care will always be sensitive to your individual needs and goals. I thrive on helping new parents gain confidence, get better sleep and structure to their life balance so that the family as a whole can function better and enjoy the process of parenting. Babies don’t come with a manual, but with my guidance and expertise, I can help you regain your nights, and enjoy what can often be a very daunting time. No matter what your night or day time issues are, my thoughtful solutions will ensure your baby sleeps properly at night and is happy and alert when awake during the day. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • NNEB Diploma
  • HATA Level 3 Sleep Training
  • First Aid
  • Insured & DBS checked
Testimonials “Claire came to my rescue when my youngest, Oscar, was only a few weeks old. He was not a good feeder or sleeper, which was a shock to the system, as my first was! Oscar was diagnosed with bad reflux and a suspected cow’s milk allergy, but once he was well established on the right medication I contacted Claire as he needed help getting his sleep back on track. She was such a support to me, always gave me excellent advice throughout and supported me with sleep training over an extended period, as bad habits had been established because of his condition and my exhaustion! This was no mean feat. Oscar is now a brilliant sleeper, but I couldn’t have done it without Claire’s help and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!” Jo – London “Claire Ball is there nothing you can’t cure when it comes to sleepless nights?!! Our 11 month old decided that she wanted to play for 3 hours in the middle of the night, this went on for a few months. A close friend recommended Claire’s services to us and we never looked back. Claire’s advice was really clear, honest and supportive. It was great to have when you spend a lot of your time as a parent guessing. Within 4 nights of our consultation and my very tired husband and I implementing Claire’s plan, our little lady has started to sleep through the night. I can’t thank Claire enough for our nights of sleep back and a much happier baby girl.” Kate – Buckinghamshire “Claire turned our lives around! My second child defied everything I had successfully done with the first regarding sleeping, and 6 months in I was beside myself with tiredness. Following our initial consultation Claire’s recommendations dramatically improved the situation almost immediately. My daughter is dummy free, sleeping through the night and the whole family (including her) are happy. Claire’s manner is calm, authoritative and most importantly kind, what I thought would be a traumatic process was dealt with in a fast, super professional and personal manner. At all times I felt comfortable and understood what we were doing and why. I only wished I had called her sooner, I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Emily – London

Emma Gawne

Services Offered Emma works in South West London and Fulham. She also offers phone consultations outside of this area.

  • Baby Sleep Support Plan – from £350 in person (Fulham and South West London) or £250 for telephone support
  • Newborn Sleep Guidance – from £180
  • One-off question call – from £50 for 30 minutes or £80 for an hour
  • Group sessions: I also offer Sleep and Feed Support Sessions, Antenatal Sleep Support for pregnant mums and Group Baby Sleep workshops, contact me for more details.
Contact Emma My name is Emma and I am a holistic baby sleep consultant and founder of Help Baby Sleep. Like many sleep consultants, I discovered my passion through first-hand experience. Sleep did not come easily to my eldest child. In the process of learning all I could to help him, I realised that the science of sleep fascinated me. I am a firm believer that new parents can really be helped by being supported and educated about the physiology of our infant’s needs. Combining my previous years working as a nanny and my own personal experience, I went to on to study comprehensively. I am a firm believer in evidence-based sleep coaching. I have trained extensively and continue to add to my knowledge every year. I have worked with hundreds of families to create the optimal environment and setting for sleep with good foundations laid for success for the whole family. Using my extensive knowledge of sleep science and what is developmentally appropriate for your baby, I help identify patterns, behaviours and external factors that may be contributing to baby sleep problems. I will then work with you to develop a tailored plan including practical tools and techniques focused on improving sleep routines for your baby which will benefit the whole family. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • The Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme.
  • The MNT (Maternity Nurse Training)
  • The IMPI (International Maternity and Parenting Institute)
  • Member of the Association of Birth and Baby Professionals (ABBP)
  • Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC).
  • Fully Insured and DBS checked.
Testimonials "We've just completed 8 weeks of support with Emma and we have transformed bedtime into a wonderful relaxing experience for all of us when before it was a highly tense and anxious affair that resulted in lots of tears for everyone. We now no longer fear naps and bedtime and Emma has given us lots of lovely supportive tips to aid us on our sleep journey with our 5-month-old. We also loved that Emma had evidence for all her suggestions and helped us learn what is normal and realistic for a baby of A's age. We are so grateful for the help and support!" K.G. Mum of 5 month old "After having a difficult labour and birth, I ended up extremely tired and lonely on this journey to motherhood. The saying "it takes a village to raise a child" is so true and it’s so difficult to not have family support around you, especially in those first months. So my partner and I searched for a way of creating this " village" around us and found Emma, to guide us in terms of sleep for our little girl. She is compassionate and patient, never judging, always gentle. She is the support we were looking for. I couldn’t recommend her services enough. It feels really great to know there are people that have your back!" A.F. Mum of 3 month old. “I’ve been holding off emailing you for fear of jinxing anything. I wanted to send you an email to give you an update on how things have been. We started the new plan that we discussed with you and in 3 weeks D's in his own room & is (so scared to write this) sleeping through the night. We’ve now started putting him in his cot awake for bedtime and naps. It doesn’t always work obviously but it’s a far cry from feeding him to sleep with no idea of how long it might take. I was in an awful place when I first met you and you helped us get to the bottom of numerous issues. Now D and I are sharing bedtime which has had a huge impact on me. Thank you, your gentle and caring approach has made a huge difference to my son & me. Your support was wonderful and I’m very grateful. Oh also he’s now getting 13-14 hours a night! I know it’s not forever and we will have challenging sleep times again but I feel better equipped to cope with the now.” N.P. Mum of 6 month old

Lily Poppins

Services Offered Lily works in South West London and also offers phone consultations outside of this area.

  • Sleep support call - £45 (30 minute duration)
  • Newborn sleep shaping - £125
  • Tailored sleep programme (offered from 6 months plus):
    • £195 Phone and email consultation
    • £295 Includes an overnight stay (rate per night)
Sleep programme packages include an initial sleep assessment and follow on support. Please contact Lily for further details. Contact Lily Sleep is an integral part of a child’s development and their family’s wellbeing. Whilst studying Midwifery, working as a Maternity Nurse and a Nanny, Lily has learnt the importance of guiding children to have the ability to self settle, even from the very early stages. With regard to sleep techniques, Lily believes good communication is key and offers advice whilst respecting parents own informed choices. Lily listens to your individual needs and provides guidance prior to initiating any sleep programme. It is important for the process to be gradual to ensure that goals are realistic and achievable. Lily is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She thrives to provide parents with confidence to implement the tailored sleep programme for their child. Lily aims for parents to feel well supported and motivated throughout the process. Qualifications & Accreditations
  • Paediatric Sleep Training for Professionals Certificate
  • Midwifery BSc Honours
  • Clear Enhanced DBS Disclosure
  • First Aid Certificate - Baby and Toddler
Testimonials “I first contacted Lily after really struggling to get my 7 month old little girl into a routine. I was always having to rock her to sleep in her pram and would spend many nights going for a walk to get her to go to sleep. I decided that enough was enough and Lily literally has been amazing! She listened to my individual needs and works the tailored sleep programme around what will help you and your baby. I will be honest, the first two days and nights were difficult, particularly as I wanted to stop E's dependence on her dummy at the same time. Unbelievably, we are now seven days in and E now sleeps through the night without a dummy and is able to self settle. Lily also implemented a milk reduction programme for E as she had built a feed to sleep association for any night wakings. Additionally E now goes down for her naps happily during the day with virtually no crying at all. Lily was always very helpful with any concerns I had and her support has been amazing. When things were difficult she was there to give me motivation and I quite honestly think I would have given up after the first day if it was not for her! I would recommend Lily to anyone!” SB, mum to 7 month old “My two year old started to wake in the night and fortunately I was recommended Lily through my cousin who had used her. Lily was brilliant. During an initial phone consultation, I explained what we were doing. Lily gave me some great tips to get E in a regular day routine before installing the sleep programme. Lily explained where I could change a few things to help E sleep. After gradually moving her nap from morning to afternoon, E stopped getting over tired in the evening before bed. Lily gave me the confidence to change things and was at the end of the phone if I had any questions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is having trouble in getting their child to sleep.” AL, mum to 2 year old

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